Sunday, November 9, 2014

Yelp Fuckers Filter My Reviews

I write a review for this place on how I just bought the car and already I'm experiencing car problems.  Same day I wrote it I got a call from the owner... and at the same time my yelp review was filtered.  All I have to say is yelp is a bunch of fucktards ran by idiots named Dumb and Fuck that come up with some 3rd grade algorithm to randomly filter reviews.  The reason why I write reviews there instead of here is because I want to limit traffic specifically to the San Diego area.  Guess what,  thanks to yelp I'm going to have to write my review here where all the internet trolls live and my overall internet traffic is 100x more abundant.  All my reviews are safer written there than here.  Fuck you yelp you pieces of shit.

I have no problem with New Cars inc.  I previously gave them a 5 star review.  I'm simply pending a review after I receive it after service.  I didn't write anything negative about them.  My experience with them has been good. 

My Review on will be up by Tuesday.

Here's a traffic update for you
Suck my dick yelp. \/ \/ \/ \/ \/


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