Monday, June 30, 2014

Quest Nutrition Put On Blast By Alan Aragon & Fellow Big Name Youtubers

This video that Bro... I mean... Quest Nutrition uploaded was the cause for all this commotion.  Alan Aragon, Gandalf of Nutrition, unleashes his rage on what was supposed to be a "scientific" based company.  I'm Interested in what youtubers (Matty Fusaro, Tony Do, Chelsea Karabin etc...) have to say on this matter.  A few of them have been sent on an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles courtesy of quest.  Will they stay true to their information or will they sell out to broscience for the sake of $$?
*update* Tony Do and Chelsea have stuck to their guns with their belief in nutrition.  The supplement industry can be enticing and may suede some to go bro (like quest nutrition), but even these smaller youtube channels aren't buying into it.  

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