Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Marc Lobliner & Massive Joes Called Out By Luimarco

In the tigerfitness video, Marc Lobliner goes bro to entertain his guests and sells out for the sake of entertaining conversation.  He proclaims that Intermittent Fasting can cause eating disorders... as if eating 6 small meals a day isn't an eating order in itself.  This is a horrible video that lacks emperical evidence and puts anecdotal evidence on a pedestal.  All respect for Tigerfitness has gone down the drain with this one.  One more thing... of course IFBB pros don't follow I.F... it's not like they're taking any kind of over the counter illegal substances in the first place to manipulate their physique beyond normal human measures.

Luimarco puts these morons in their place.  I'm actually amazed that Luimarco made this stance on the issue.  Watch the video!

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