Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gay 4 Pay Boys Sporting Gym Shark Apparel

Gym Shark is an up and coming brand with sponsored athletes such as Jeff Seid and the king of Gay 4 Pay himself, Matt "flexforall2" Ogus.  On a recent episode of Tosh.0 (Season 5 episode 16), a couple of fellas sporting Gym Shark apparel put on show for what the social media calls "gay4pay."  The definition itself does not necessarily mean they're performing any sexual acts, but flexing and performing suggestive acts as requested by homosexuals that pay for that service.  Given that Matt Ogus has been acquired by Gym Shark and recent episodes of consumers that buy their product engage in suggestive "G4P" acts...  It's quite apparent to whom this specific brand is targeted towards.  You decide!

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