Saturday, June 1, 2013

Luimarco Calls Out Matt Ogus, Chris Lavado and The Gymshark Crew?

Youtube fitness guru Luimarco calls out Fake Naturals and references a few other youtubers without mentioning them directly.  If you listen carefully the descriptions he provides sound very much like the characters from the gymshark crew.  He blabs on about being natural and how he would never use steroids... of course you wouldn't, you look like shit in the first place.  Your forearms are too fucked up to look like you're on any gear and you pretty much look like a ripped old man who doesn't know how to do a proper bulk!  Is it me or does this moron look the same as he did in his past 5 years on youtube! He also claims to make tricept and forearm gains while on a caloric deficit?  This guy doesn't have a single clue!  This is the same moron that stated in one of his videos that babies are born with the natural fear of snakes and spiders... which in fact is false!  Human beings are born with 3 fears... the fear of a loud noise, the fear of falling, and the fear of looking the same after 20 years of bodybuilding!

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