Monday, April 15, 2013

Explosions Rock Boston Marathon

Two explosions go off at the finish line injuring one of the runners and killing a few spectators.  The numbers of those injured and killed are not yet known. There has been a 3rd report of an explosion located at the JFK library. Speculations have been going around as to who planned these explosions.  Some say that North Korea may be behind this and others believe it to be a domestic act of terrorism. 

The idiots that put this event together were either too relaxed or made serious budget cuts, thanks to our anti-gun tyrant President Obama, which resulted in numerous casualties and deaths.  The explosions as seen in this video were directly behind the spectator lines which should have been examined and scouted thoroughly, but obviously were not.  As you can see in this video there were plenty of police officers, none of which were useful enough to prevent this tragic event from happening.  Of course we live in a reactionary society and do not act until tragedy strikes.  Similar to how you and your family members refuse to spend extra $$ on a gym membership and organic non GMO foods until you get the first signs of an irreversible degenerative disease.  I'm pretty sure Piers Morgan hates covering this type of mass killings that don't involve semi-automatic weapons.  According to him we may need laws on bomb-control.  R.I.P to those lost in this tragic event and condolences to those who lost a loved one. 

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